How to keep iLife 11 when transferring data from TM backup?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by adamlbiscuit, Dec 21, 2010.

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    First things first, I'm going to purchase a new MacBook Pro after christmas. (I know, you probably think I'm crazy - with the impending refresh. But see, I actually NEED a laptop sooner rather than later, and the current gen MacBook Pro is all I need and more.) Secondly, I'm going to transfer my data to it from a Time Machine back up of my old '07 White MacBook.

    I'm aware though, that if I do restore all my stuff from my back up - iLife 11 will most likely be lost since I never had that software on my old MacBook. I was under the impression that I could reinstall iLife 11 using the disk that will no doubt come with my MBP, but I'm not sure, so really all I want is a bit more confirmation from you guys. Thanks.
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    You can install it using the discs that will come with your new MBP, no issues.
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    ILife 11 will NOT be lost. One of the beauties of Startup Assistant and Migration Assistant is they are smart enough to leave the latest version of software on your system when you do the migration. For example if your old computer has iLife 08 on it and the new machine has iLife 11. When you tell the system to migrate all applications it will look at the new system and see it has iLife 11 on it thus ignoring iLife 08. Of course your library and all settings will come over just not the old app.

    A good read is Pondiini's writeup on Startup Assistant located at:
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    Thanks for the hasty assistance. I know a lot about Macs but since I don't do this often I have neglected to research it like I have other aspects of Mac OS X. Every days a school day. I'm surprised to learn it does in fact keep the newest versions. Smart!

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