how to know which apps are running in the background

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    Is there a way to see which apps are still running in the background? (I don't mean the multitasking bar, which just shows the most recently used apps.)

    I have an iphone 3GS running on i4OS. I always press the home button after using an app, but I'm convinced that at least some apps continue to run in the background and drain the battery. During the night, when the phone is locked and on standby -- no calls, no email, no safari, no ipod, no nothing -- it's been consuming about 3-5% battery power per hour. So I tried an experiment. I closed all apps in the multitasking bar, shut down the phone and fully charged the battery. Six hours after powering the phone up again, with no apps running and just a few phone calls, the battery is still at 100%! Wow. That means that before I ran this little test, there had been apps running even after "closing" them with the home button.

    The problem is, how to know which ones? Is there a way -- an app, maybe -- that would show which apps are actually running in the background and how much CPU usage they consume? It's a nuisance to switch off 15 apps one by one on the multitasking bar without knowing which one is eating power. It'd be great to be able to hone in on the culprit. Preferably without jailbreaking the phone.
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    If you jailbreak and install SBSettings you can see which applications are either running or are still in memory. That helps reduce the number of possibilities substantially, but it still includes processes that are only stored in memory (iOS 4 applications that do fast app switching).
    I think your best bet is to try to determine if any particular application is consistently causing this problem. It might be one you use frequently. AT&T Family Map App used to cause trouble for me before a recent update. Try closing some of them and see if the problem improves. Keep narrowing it down until you find the culprit. 98% of apps should be fine.
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    It could also be the wifi connection and push notifications. When I had a 3GS, push consumed a lot of battery power. It seems to be much better on the iPhone 4/iOS 4.
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