How to load a custom PRL to a Sprint Iphone to have 3G roaming or Force it to Roam

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Proklamasi, Aug 14, 2014.

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    I found the instructions on how to load any PRL into a Sprint iPhone (Jailbreak required). I did it about 10 times switching between Sprint PRL 11114 which includes 3G roaming on Verizon and Verizon PRL 52644 to have full access. I tried PRL 00001 but got better results with PRL 52644

    PRL Interpretations can be found here.

    Youtube Instructions


    Here are the instructions.

    First I apologize if anyone posted these instructions, I looked around and I did not see them. I fiddled around and I was able to force a custom PRL on my sprint iphone, I like many other sprint iphone users have been having data problems where the phone has signal but gets nearly unusable speeds below 100 kbps. I have been through 3 iphones and have contacted customer support over 10 times with no help, only that they are updating towers and are sorry. This DOES help the data speeds and makes them consistent. So anyway there is my preamble, here are the instructions. (and for anyone that had an evo, this uses the same prl as the Techknow hack.)

    1. Jailbreak the iphone

    2. download iFile from Cydia, ($4 or google how to get it through other means), also turn data roaming ON( I used DiskAid to save the PRL into a folder in my phone and then I can switch prom one PRL to the other anytime.)

    3. download the 00001.prl from this link (this is from a post over on xda by techknow) I used Verizon PRL 52644 and Sprint PRL 11114

    4. rename the PRL file "carrier.prl"

    5. ok this is one of the important parts, you need to put the carrier.prl in System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Sprint_US.bundle and overwrite the existing carrier.prl in the folder, you can do this either by using open ssh or use ifile,in ifile you may copy and paste from dropbox or connect to your computer via wifi. I also would recommend putting the prl in the OTA sprint folder too, some people have been having problems and this may help.(I deleted the File on both folders and then pasted the new PRL file)

    6. in the folder that you copied the prl there is a file called carrier.plst, click it then in the menu that comes up click property list viewer, then scroll down till you see "PrlPushFlag" change to yes, click back at the top and go to the OTA folder if you put the PRL in there, then repeat the PrlPushFlag flag instructions, press back again to go up a folder and fully turn off your phone(so that you slide to power off) simply turning off your screen or a respring will not work.

    7. turn your phone back on, you should see "searching" at the top, it should go to "no service", after you see "no service" go back to the carrier.plst and change the PrlPushFlag flag back to "no" and click back again(The instructions don’t specify if you need to turn it off on both folders, I just did it on the Sprint_US_bundle

    8. turn your phone off and back on again.

    9. you should be roaming on verizon, it will say sprint at the top but you can confirm you are roaming by dialing *2 and you should get "welcome to verizon" also if you go to about and click on carrier info you should see your prl as 1. (When I loaded Verizon PRL 52644 it doesn’t say the carrier name but I checked and its Verizon.

    10. you can revert back to the standard prl and not roaming by dialing ##UPDATE#(I tried this and it took me back to the latest Sprint PRL, but I easily loaded PRL 11114 back into the phone.

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    So... for the past 2 generations, iPhones have been LTE based... even on Sprint or Verizon. PRL's are a thing of the past. This information is no longer relevant.

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