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Oct 27, 2011
So overall I'm extremely happy with my "switch" to Mac. One thing really bothers me though. Whenever I want to restart my machine, I have to tell it 5-6 times in order to get all the running apps to force quit themselves. I don't understand why "Restart" doesn't automatically quit them all; obviously I want them to quit, otherwise I wouldn't have clicked restart.

How can I make it so that clicking "Restart" automatically does that? I don't want to have to manually quit everything, that is stupid and very un-Mac like. Restarting my machine should take exactly one action and that's it. How do I make it be like that?



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Jan 6, 2002
There was another thread just like this in the Mac Basics and Troubleshooting forum. I'll give you the same answer: Mac OS X is designed to quit (but not force quit) any open applications. If it does not successfully shut down, it's because there is an application that is hung. If this is happening on a regular basis, and I'm guessing it is, then you need to find out why. You should not have to Force Quit applications very often at all, certainly not every time you go to restart the computer.

Which applications consistently hang and refuse to let the computer shut down without Force Quitting them?



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Apr 24, 2004
way out in the sticks
What I like to do is hold the control+command keys and hit the eject key. It's a fast restart key combo that quits all apps.

Similarly, pressing control+option+command and then eject is a fast shut down.


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Oct 27, 2011
TWhich applications consistently hang and refuse to let the computer shut down without Force Quitting them?


Sorry to necro-bump, but this is an issue that still pisses me off on an almost daily basis.

The applications in question are Parallels 7 (nearly 100% of the time) and iTunes (sometimes). Every now and then there will be a different app too, the situation is always different. At any given time I have 10+ apps running at once. I never quit anything; I have 16GB of memory for a reason. When I restart I want all of my apps to just go away and re-launch after the machine boots. I don't want to go through my dock and close every app with a light underneath it.

Before someone tries to tell me that it's my fault for running so many apps and I need to close them myself, Windows has had this functionality for years. If you restart a Windows 7 machine it restarts. If you lose data from having open programs that haven't saved, well, that's on you. PERFECT

It just has to be possible to replicate this functionality on the Mac.


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Nov 26, 2007
Austin, TX
Open terminal and type "sudo reboot". You will have to type in your password, though, so this may not be optimal for you. Also, my guess is if you pull the rug out fron under parallels like this, expect your VM's to get corrupted.

Just curious, why do you feel the need to reboot your computer so often?


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Jan 18, 2012
Hey, I really miss this feature in mac too. Why do you have to tell every single app, all the time you need a fast restart, things like "yes, ok, quit my app", even safari "you sure you wanna quit? you have many tabs" an so on. If you choose restart, its because you are sure that there's nothing important running, or if you have, at least you have a choice to ignore it.

Another bad thing about this, is that Restart function quit apps one and then another. So if you have a stuck app, all the other apps have to wait until it quits to receive the command to quit too. It would be much faster if all apps receive the command to quit at the same time, so the fast applications closes first.

Well, sometimes you just say "restart", go to bath, and when you come back you want to see your clean and restarted mac, but its impossible, when you come back, you have a message saying "hey, you forgot this application too!" So you have to stay in front of your mac sometimes for minutes, and wait for all the apps one by one to quit, and keep answering "don't save", "ok, close this app too", "oh yeah, why mail won't quit?"... so the classical message "this applications canceled restart, quit it and try again". So there you go. I use to keep many, many applications running too because I have power for this, and sometimes have to tell my mac to restart about 3 times until get things done.

So NMF, I have your same problem, and a workaround I found is to choose Force Quit menu (cmd+opt+esc), select all the apps using shift key, quit all at same time and restart. The good think about this is that even your Parallels will fast save your VM and close.

But you can create a service to do this automatically with one click, using apple script or a terminal command in Workflow, so you just go to Services / Force Restart... and it does!



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Sep 14, 2012

I have a minecraft server (terminal) and i don't want to let it run all night. I would like to let my computer shut down at 00:00 and restart at 16:00 so if all my friends come back from school, they can play on it. I know how to do this but terminal always says when it wants to shutdown: Do you want to close this windows? and then it doesn't shut down anymore. Isn't there a program to do this automaticelly?

Sorry for my bad english.

Greeting PIeter-Jan
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