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    I am having some difficulty making a side by side stacked graph comparison. I have two sets of data, both using compound interest. One set shows how much the total will grow to after 1 year of cutting back on 5 different expenses. The Other set of data shows how much the total will grow to after 5 years of cutting on those same 5 expenses.

    I want to show a stacked bar graph at each time interval, but am having trouble visually comparing the "savings from 1 year of expense reduction" versus the "savings from 5 years of expense reduction". Here is the data set I've been using. Any help would be great appreciated!

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    I don't know whether you're using Numbers or Excel.
    In Numbers I'd do it somehow like this: First make two stacked bars from two rows. E.g. the 1 Years Savings in row 1 and row 2. Then, enter the reference-editing-mode again and drag the lower data range up to the first row on the right side (the 5 Years Savings area).

    This is a bit of a hack because the order of the columns (1 and 5 Years Savings) should be identical.

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