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Jul 23, 2007
Attached are screenshots of the Lock Screen and Home Screen on my phone. The Lock Screen is pretty bright overall, but the lower half includes a blue car. The date, time, and widgets are all a perfect shade of gray and easily visible. However, the carrier information, bars/wifi, and battery are white and are not at all legible. Home Screen has a dark image and obviously the icons are totally visible. Have tried switching to light mode from dark mode and nothing changes on the Lock Screen.

What can I do to make this information more visible, apart from changing to a dark wallpaper. ios15 does not have this issue, it's only on ios16.



Sep 20, 2013
Fiddle with Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size ... although these changes are system wide, not just lock screen.


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May 6, 2020
This is still an issue on iOS 17. Has anyone solved for this? When you try to manipulate a wallpaper on the Lock Screen, it adds a white gradient to the top half and completely washes out the status bar. Love the wallpaper setup I have, hate that I can't see any info at the top.
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