How to make Time Capsule drives only for it?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by AnonMac50, May 10, 2013.

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    Not quite sure which section to put this in. Anyway, I have a Time Capsule. Currently, we have a main modem/base station set up at one part of the hous, and the Time Capsule and another base station set up at different locations in the house. If someone connects to any of those base stations they can access the Time Capsule's hard drive and any connected drives as if they were connected directly to it. Is there any way to stop that? As in, one can only access those if one is connected directly to the Time Capsule itself? Thanks.
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    I don't think that's an option, checking the docs & the utility settings I don't see anything resembling that. Once you're on the network - whether via Ethernet or any other wifi access point - you can "See" the disk. Of course you can password protect the disk, either with a global password or with specific usernames & passwords.
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    Thank you. Next question, what is the best hard drive format to use for that to make it compatible with OS X (including Leopard) and Windows?
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    In airport utility open the disk tab and there are options for sharing access and password. You can set a disk user and password different than the wireless network. The disk may be seen but access will only be allowed if you enter the name and password you set up.

    Dunno if that helps you, but a good way to limit to only certain computers/users. Otherwise perhaps set up a guest network for routine wireless access and don't share the drive on the guest network.

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