How To: Making an iphone/in ear headphone hybrid!

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    Hey guys, I've been wanting better iPhone headphones since I got mine back in November, but no other headphones are out (that I could find, or had great quality) that still had the apple microphone/clicking device for the iPod which I find to be very handy.

    So, after my iphone headphones broke (for the second time) I decided that instead of fixing them, I was going to 'make' a new pair.

    I took a few photos and maybe it'll help go along, but they aren't the greatest.

    1. Buy a pair of Apple In-Ear Headphones

    2. Take apart your original iPhone headphones. Make sure not to cut any wires, because you're going to want to use the clicker/microphone! You do this by simple twisting and pulling (carefully!) the grey rubber outline on each earphone near the speaker. You can use a small screw driver also. Be careful because once they pop off, you want to make sure the wires are still attached to the speaker.

    3. Take apart the Apple In-Ear Headphones. I chose these because I used to have a pair and really loved the quality, but most headphones should be able to be used. For these you need a small screw driver. Pry the metal ring off carefully, try not to bend it. Then after taking this off, it will reveal a very faint crease where the speaker and the housing connect. Run the screw drivers edge along this crease and then carefully pry that off. This will cause the speaker to pop off from the housing just like the iPhone headphones, but keep the wires attached to the speakers.

    4. Make sure you differentiate between the left and right headphones on both headphones. On these, the right headphones have a green and red wire, while the left headphones have a copper-colored and red wire.

    5. Unsolder the right headphone of each set. Place the iPhone right headphone to the side... you will no longer need it. The white headphone wire will lead into the housing and be tied into a knot. Untie the knot on both sets of headphones. Place the right iPhone headphone housing to the side... you will not longer need it.

    6. Slip on the right In-Ear Headphone to the wire that went to the iPhone right headphone and retie a knot in the wire (this prevents the wire from falling out of the housing if it becomes detached from the speaker). Make sure to leave a little room for the stripped wires to be re-soldered.

    7. Solder the In-Ear Headphone to the wire that used to be soldered to the iPhone headphone. Keep in mind that the wires need to be soldered respectively to how they were on their original speakers.

    8. Repeat for the left earphones.

    9. Reattach housing and apply a bit of superglue to make sure nothing falls apart.

    10. Voila! You now have the Apple In-Ear Headphones attached to the iPhone headphone wire, allowing you to have better quality headphone speakers with the convenience of the microphone/clicker!

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    More Photos

    Here are the finishing photos!

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