How to manage the songs you have on iOS devices with iTunes Match

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Ok, I'm trying to figure out if I want to sign up for iTunes Match or not. One of my questions is music management. I have a 16 gig iPhone, and a 32 gig iPad. The way I do it now is I have wifi sync set up, and I have both devices syncing only certain playlists. My devices sync each time I charge them at home. And I do this with a few smart playlists, for example, both devices always sync the smart playlist that contains the most recent 10 albums I've put into iTunes, so they always have the new stuff. They also sync a playlist of my most listened too songs (high play count), as well as a few playlists I have made and always just keep around (one for Alternative, one for Classic Rock, and so forth). This method of keeping music that I want to listen too on my devices works really well for the most part.

    With iTunes Match, I'm not sure how things would work. It'd be great to have access to all my music, all the time. But all my music can't fit on either of my devices. So, would I just download the same playlists that I normally sync through iTunes initially, and then download other songs as I see fit? While at the same time I'd have to keep an eye on the actual amount I'm storing? This seems cumbersome in some cases. For example, lets say right now I'm always syncing 9 of the 10 songs on an album, because I've listened to those a lot in the past (high play count=I always want it synced). But I download that one additional track so I can listen to the whole album sometime. Do I need to remember to always delete the individual stuff I download to keep my devices with enough room free?

    I don't now if I'm explaining things well enough. Bottom line is, right now my smart playlists are set to a certain amount, so say the most listened too tracks in iTunes, up to 7 gigs, are always synced, but not more than that, because I don't have the space. I have a feeling I'd lose track of the songs I always want to be synced, vs the songs I downloaded for a quick one time listen. Does this make sense to anyone, and how are others handling it?
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    Jun 15, 2010
    Smart Playlists DO NOT work properly on the iPhone using iTunes match. If you create a smart playlist on iTunes, then open your music app on the phone, it will have every song in your entire library—not just the ones you specified in the playlist. Major bug and bummer.

    "Dumb" playlists sync fine. So I took my "14GB iPhone" smart playlist, selected all the songs, and pasted them into a regular playlist. I too, was looking forward to having my smart playlists update in real time, regardless of device. But not so yet.

    - Eric
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    Yes, I heard Smart Playlists don't work, bummer to be sure. I guess it wouldn't matter, IF, I could say "sync playlists A, B, and C all the time". That way if I delete something that I didn't mean too, next time it looks at the certain playlists, that item would be restored.
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    It's pretty much a steaming mess right now if you are any kind of advanced iTunes user. I have no idea how this wasn't addressed during the beta. There is no way I'm going back to manually managing everything after using Smart Playlists for 6+ years.

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