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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by desertman, Jun 16, 2013.

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    A friend of mine has several calendars in Calendar and synchronizes them between her Mac, her iPhone, and her iPad. Some of these calendars are iCloud calendars, one is a Google calendar. Strangely enough gets once in a while one of these calendars (I think mostly the Google calendar) disappears from one of her iOS devices because it gets mysteriously deactivated. All of these calendars, including the Google calendar, have been created by accident. My friend does not need more than one calendar.

    I want to merge all of her calendar events into one single calendar. I know I can export iCloud calenders and then import the events from that calendar into a different calendar.

    But I do not know whether I can do the same with with Google calendar. Can I, or do I have to do this differently with the Google calendar? And anyway, is it best to use one single iCloud calendar or no iCloud calendar at all and just the Google calendar (my friend never uses the Google calender at; she is only using the Calendar apps on her devices).

    Greetings - desertman
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    I would recommend sticking to iCloud calendars in this case. You can export your Google Calendar(s) by going to

    You should then be able to unzip the file that is downloaded and then import it to Calendar on the Mac.

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