How To Mirror Music/Playlists on iPhone/iPod/iTunes?

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    Feb 25, 2011
    Hi, I just got a new iPhone. I'm very happy with the way I have my iPod/iTunes organized and would like to have iTunes sync with my iPod and iPhone so that all three mirror each other when I plug in each device. Ex: have all my playlists on my current iPod/iTunes transfer over to the iPhone, and when I download new songs and drag them to the appropriate playlist in iTunes, have the downloaded song transfer to both the iPhone and iPod when I sync.

    I am very confused on how to achieve this. It seems like most threads I've researched discuss having separation between the devices. I'd like them to match. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    And one more related question - yesterday I downloaded a song in iTunes from my iPhone. I tried to drag the song over to my iPod playlist in iTunes and it would not drag over. It is possible to download songs from iTunes on the iPhone and transfer them to the iPod, right? I'd like to know how to do this as well (again, I guess it would all be part of that "mirroring" process I described above). Thanks in advance...
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    There might be a automagical solution, but the simplest one would be to do it manually:

    In iTunes when you click on the iPhone you should see on the right the list of options like Apps, Music, iTunesU and so on.

    Go to the the Music screen and set up your the playlist on for the iPhone as the iPod is set. You might want to do a screenshot of the iPod settings in order to avoid going back and forth.

    - Olaf
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    Use "autofill" maybe-or just manual as forum user suggests.
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    fixed the difference between right and left in bold.

    here's a step by step format if the playlist u want to copy is on your iDevice:

    1. connect device
    2. open iTunes
    3. click "music" in upper left corner, top of menu pane
    4. open "File" and choose "New Playlist" and it will show at the bottom of the left pane. give it a name.
    5. click on your iDevice in the left pane and cmd+click (right click) the playlist and choose "duplicate"
    6. drag the duplicate playlist to "music" at the top of the left pane
    7. playlist is copied

    if you want to add a playlist from iTunes to your device, just choose the playlist in the left pane, then drag and drop it to the iDevice's section in the left menu pane. any music on that playlist that isnt already on your iDevice will automatically be synced during the process, so do not disconnect it immediately unless your music collections are mirrored on both the iDevice and iTunes.
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    See what you mean, thanks. I was thinking of the list of playlist available on the right side of the iTunes window after clicking on the iPhone in the devices list.

    Just under the central apple icon there are tabs for summary, info, app, ringtones, music.

    On the Music tab all Playlists are shown, and also which playlist is synced to the device.

    - Olaf

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