How to move from iPod touch to iTunes?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by BioCore, Aug 18, 2008.

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    I was having troubles with my Mac recently, and trying everything I could and find I decided that I would just re-install the OS. No this thread is not for that though.

    I was wondering if there is anyway of moving my iTunes music, video, etc collection from the iPod touch back into iTunes after I have re-installed the OS. Also, since I will need to register the iPod Touch again on iTunes after the re-install I was wondering if I would have to de-register it from the current iTunes software and then register it again?
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    By yes, do you mean I do have to un-register it from the current iTunes. If so how do I do that?:confused:

    Never mind, I found out how to do that part. I would have to just De-authorize my iTunes account and then just plug my iPod touch back in. Also it seems you do not have to use Senuti, because in the newer versions of iTunes, there is an option in the File menu that says: "Transfer Purchases from X". X being your iPod/iPhone('s) name.

    But then again maybe I will have to use senuti for all my other songs that were not purchased from iTunes.
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    I've used TouchCopy. I think it costs money though.

    Edit: For Windows

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