How to move iPhone backup location for iTunes? Any idea?

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    I backup my iPhone 6 Plus 128GB through iCloud, but prefer to use iTunes as my main backup and restore option for iOS restores etc. Unfortunately even if you have your iTunes library stored on an external drive, your iOS device backups are still store on the local Macintosh HD. This is a problem for me as my Photos app and other document apps in iOS are huge and iTunes backup stores the app content on my local Macintosh drive when I do the back up. I want iTune backup to store iOS Photos app stuff etc... I just don't want it to be on my local Macintosh HD SSD. I want make the location for the backup to be on a permanently connected external drive (the same one I use for my iTunes media library).

    Simply put, is there a way to change to location from where iTunes stores it on the Macintosh HD to an external HDD?

    I have searched around and found the location on the local drive is:

    ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/

    This is a start, but I have no idea how to tell iTunes the location should be on another drive. :(

    There are some Windows options out there but nothing for Mac, apart from using some ridiculously expensive 'Imazin" app (which I do not even know if it works).

    E.g. see:

    Any ideas?
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    Merry Xmas!

    This is giving me the same headache. I tried using the Terminal but iTunes had its problem as I got an error message stating iTunes can't do the backup :(

    Well I've been moving the folder to an external HD now but you will have to copy it back to your internal Mac HD again - otherwise iTunes won't show any backups.

    Really hate Apple for not offering any easy solutions :mad:

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