how to move music from windows ipod to mac?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by bodi, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. bodi macrumors newbie

    Jul 12, 2006
    hi, I just got a new macbook , woo hoo! - i had a pc and it broke (no surprise there) , but luckily I have all my music on my ipod. I now want to put the music and photos accross to my mac - but not sure how to go about this -. A lot of the discussions mention clicking enable hard disk feature. But how to I get to that stage if i don't want to lose my data (pics+music).
    If i plug the ipod into the mac - will it not auto update from the mac , i.e, delete the ipod as there is nothing in there? i have no pc now - does anyone have any suggestions Please . .. .. . . ??
  2. Eraserhead macrumors G4


    Nov 3, 2005
    You will need to enable hard disc access for your iPod, plug your iPod into your Macbook and make sure that you don't set your iPod up to sync with your Mac first, (itunes will bring up dialogs asking, I believe the default actions will keep your music safe but read them through. Once your iPod has connected open iTunes if it isn't already open and enable disk use for the iPod (you do this by going to iTunes Menu==>Preferences==>iPod and ticking the enable disk use box) then download Senuti and copy your music from your iPod to your Mac's iTunes library (click and drag the playlists over the iTunes icon in the menu.)

    I believe your photos are stored in a folder called Photo's on your iPod drive so copy that folder to your new macbook, once you are sure your data is safe, then turn on Syncing for your iPod again in Preferences.

    Also all computers break eventually (not just PC's :p ) and as you can get a 250GB External Hard drive for about £85 from it may be worth getting some external storage to backup your important data. ;)
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    Jul 12, 2006
    hey eraserhead - thats great thanks - i did it a slightly different way last night. I used a friends pc and copyied the hidden folder from my ipod to the hard drive of the pc, then went into itunes and deleted the xml, itl files in the itunes folder(my computer/shared files/itunes) after i had done that i converted the hidden folder to shown and dragged it into the itunes folder. Opening itunes then consolidating the lirary bought all my music back. Then I took the i tunes folder and copyied it from(my computer/shared files/itunes) onto my ipod - then pugged into the mac and copied this into the itunes folder on mac. Had to adjust a couple of things (i,e, where the files are taken from) the consolidated library. Once the music was copied over I put the ipod back to automatic to erase the duplicate.
    The photos - like you said were easy - just copied the photos file to the desktop.

    Anyways it was something like that - but i didn't have to downlaod any programs - woo hoo! Only thing is I lost the playcounts - playlists - etc. But I think i could of prevented this with more understanding of what the hell i are doing ?

    Cheers Anyways!

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