How To: Multilevel List in iOS Pages Solved!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Traverse, Mar 11, 2013.

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    Mar 11, 2013
    Hey everyone! (This is a new account and my first post!)

    I haven't searched to see if this solution has already been posted, but just in case I decided to post it.

    Multilevel lists is one of the areas where Pages falls flat on its face, and its one of my most used features in Word. HOWEVER, I found a roundabout way to create them on iOS Pages!!!

    1) Create a simple multilevel list in Word (I assume it will work if you create it in another program that support these lists, like OpenOffice or GDocs). Use simple symbols. I made a four level list with a dash, dot, sideways triangle, and another dash, but others should work.

    2) Open the .doc(x) in Pages and save it to iCloud (I had Docs in the Cloud enabled for this, but I assume it will work if you upload it to

    3) When you open it on your iPad (iPhone) tap on the last level and hit "return" to go to the new line, and there you go!!!!

    Tip: I saved the original list as iCloud Outline in my library and just duplicate it within the app each time I take notes. That way I never mess with the original.

    Use the indent arrows to navigate spacing and symbol. The reason you have to start on the next line is because its quirky. If you start on an earlier level and indent right then next level symbols will become boxes, but all of the left boxes are in tact. So start on the last line and hit return and you'll be able to move left or right freely with the appropriate symbols.

    Once you go to the first new line feel free to delete the original levels. So for me I would start on the fourth level, hit enter once, delete the above four levels and start working. Even though you delete them the document retains the formatting and symbols, but if you try to use the original levels (those directly mad in Word) it will wreck your symbols.

    I have used this for weeks in college to take notes on my iPad, it hasn't messed up once, and the converts back to word perfectly most of the time! The only crappy thing is that it doesn't work in desktop Pages I THINK. When I saved the word file as a Pages template (with iCloud disabled) and open the template tabbing doesn't change symbols, I haven't tried opening the version saved in the iCloud library (through ML Docs in the Cloud) that may work for the Desktop.

    I know the seems extensive, but in practice it's really simple and only takes a few seconds once you upload the template. Sorry to be so long, but I wanted to be clear. Please let me know if I wasn't. This was just an interesting little Easter egg in iOS Pages formatting.

    Enjoy!!!! I hope it works for you like it has for me!!!

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