How to navigate from one xib to an uitableview(without xib)

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by fypj2013, Mar 12, 2013.

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    Mar 12, 2013
    Hi i am trying to navigate from one xib to a manually created table cells which have no xib. i have already an app delegate, a rootviewcontroller named: main view controller, a sub class controller: optionviewcontroller and the table cell view which i mentioned : MarineFishViewController . i have pointers that if the table cell does not have any xib, initwithnibname:nil bundle:nil cannot be used. I tried changing using initwithStyle:UITableViewStyleGrouped declared in MarineFishViewController. But i ran into a bad access error.

    this is the link to my project folder and there is an image of the error. Please take a look. Thanks!
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    If you post the relevant code (and only the relevant code) here between [code ][/code] tags then people are a lot more likely to help.
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    fypj2013 , do you understand the difference between a UITableViewCell, a UITableView and a UITableViewController? Because your OP seems to be confusing in regards to how you are describing things.
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    As Dejo says, you sound confused.

    You need to create a new view controller that contains a table view, set it up, and then present the new view controller as a modal.

    You can't add table view cells to a window outside of a table view.

    Using XIB files or storyboards is the best way to create UI for a lot of reasons. You should stop fighting it and use the tools Apple provides. They really are a good thing.

    If you are determined to create you UI in code, you can use initWithStyle:reuseIdentifier: to create your table view cells, but you don't create cells initially. Instead you create and display your table view, set up your view controller as the data source, and wait for the table view to call the cellForRowAtIndexPath method. That is when you create cells.

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