How to open downloads? Help???? Please


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Jun 19, 2007
Hey guys I have a quick question, how do I open programs/applications after I download them? I downoaded windows media player for Os X and it say I need to open it with something, what is that? Thanks


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Sep 19, 2005
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what is the extension on the file you downloaded?

Usually mac apps are bundled into a .dmg disk image for downloading, which should open without issue as a volume on your desktop. You can either run it from the disk image or copy it to the Applications folder and run it from there. Likewise .zip files. Sometimes things are still delivered as .sit or .sitx files for which you'll need Stuffit Expander (free).

The application itself should have a .app extension (when you look at Name and Extension in "Get Info" - press apple+I )

I didn't think WMP was still available for Mac in any case? or is that just for Intel Macs? I'd use Flip4Mac as a plugin for Quicktime myself.