How to open iWork documents on iOS that are not in the iWork folders


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Jul 18, 2001
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I am using SugarSync for some years now, but lately I'm no longer satisfied with their offering. So I was waiting for iCloud Drive in order to transition all my documents from SugarSync to iCloud Drive.

The problem is: I have a well-organized file structure for my documents, and I want to keep it that way. So what I basically did is: I copied my document structure to a "Data" folder in the root of my iCloud Drive. This works like a charm on my Mac: I can open all documents I want from whatever location I want.

However, it seems to work different on iOS. I know there is no native iCloud Drive app on iOS, but I was hoping I would be able to open eg. Pages documents from whatever folder in the iOS Pages app. But it seems Pages wants the documents to sit in its own folder. When I try to open a document from the Pages file browser, it gives me "0 items" in my Data folder.
I have uploaded an attachment to show what I see in the file browser.

Is there any way to open Pages, Numbers, Keynote documents from whatever iCloud folder? I want to keep my document structure, and I don't want to keep all my Pages documents in one folder, my Numbers documents in another, ... - that just doesn't make sense.



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Nov 24, 2011
I was also thinking about this, still planning on how to organise my iCloud Drive (vs Documents folder)...

I think the best way will be to put all docs/pages files under the Pages container and just nest it into folders... Same for other file types like PDF's etc...

Or use a 3rd party iOS app that will be able to browse and open files from all folders and then pass them to the app you require.

I'm still on the fence on what system to use...

Let me know what you decide :)


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Sep 3, 2006
Then iCloud didn't sync the documents yet. You are doing the right thing, it should show you the documents in your folder. It does for me.


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Jul 6, 2010
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The documents are synced. I can see them (and open them) on my Drive in my browser.
You have to access them from the app itself. Open Pages or Numbers and in the top left corner you will see the "+" button. Click that and then you will be able to select the document from any folder in iCloud Drive. This is such a design flaw imo..I had the same issue and someone on this board showed me how to do it. It's unnessarily confusing imo..Hope this helps.


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Sep 3, 2006
The documents are synced. I can see them (and open them) on my Drive in my browser.
Well, if you don't see them on your device then they are not synced to your device… try to disable/renable iCloud or something like that…