How to Open Ports?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by campingsk8er, Jul 11, 2013.

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    Hi All,

    I'm having a big problem. I now have two Apple TV's (One 2nd Gen and 1 3rd Gen which we just got). The 2nd Gen has worked with no problems, and when we got the 3rd gen, we couldn't get it to work. After calling support, and then resetting my 2nd gen, and now my 2nd gen not working either, we have narrowed the problem down to ports not being open on my router/modem. I called Comcast/ Xfinity, and after 3 days, 5 disconnected calls, 8 calls, and 1 very unhappy customer, their only solution is that I return my Apple TV's or pay $40 ADDITIONAL PER MONTH, so that I may have these ports opened. That is absolutely absurd, so now, my only option is to open the ports myself. Please tell me that I am able to open certain ports, and if so, how do I do that. Please help!!

    PS: I have come to realise I have been spoiled with Apple's extraordinary customer service.
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    What exactly was the problem with the Apple TV, as in what doesn't work?

    I ask because when you talk about opening ports on your router that would usually be to allow devices outside of your network (on the internet) to access devices on your network. Not the other way round where a device on your network (Apple TV) accesses some other system outside of your network (iTunes store, Netflix, Youtube etc...).

    It is also rather suspicious that the second gen Apple TV was working fine but after a reset it isn't. Which indicates to me that its a configuration issue with the Apple TV.

    Though out of curiosity, which ports were you trying to get opened?

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