How to organize multiple disks behind one icon in iTunes.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Achiever, Aug 11, 2009.

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    As stated in another post I am beginning to rip some movies and TV series onto my computer. I am putting them in iTunes for a variety of reasons. My question is this: when putting a 2 disk movie (eg LOTR extended cuts) or an entire season of a multi-disk TV series into iTunes how can I finagle it so that multiple disks fit behind the same cover art. For example, I obviously have to download each disk of a TV series separately (FYI I am using Handbrake). So, when they are listed in iTunes, each disk is reflected as a separate title on iTunes with separate cover art, etc. on the screen.

    My question is, what do I do if I want the entire season of the series to be listed as ONE icon, with me able to access the various episodes available within that season series. Those with Multiplex know you can manage multiple disks in a set within a single icon with each icon bearing a small number representing the number of disks/files contained within that titled icon. From there, you navigate within the icon to see which disk you wish to play.

    Anyone know how to do anything like that with iTunes? Basically, I don't want 6 different icons representing the six disks which make up Season 1 of the Sopranos. I just want one icon for the season with me able to negotiate the episode or disk. Thanks.
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    Make sure that the metadata is exactly the same for each. So for instance, if you have The Sopranos: Disk 1 as the show name for the first disk's worth of shows, and so on, it will display them separately. I find it easiest to simply select all of the ones I want displayed together, hit Get Info so that I can change info for all of them at once, and make sure I set the Show Name and the Season number the same. For movies, though, I'm not sure that's possible, as it simply displays one icon in the browser for each video file that exists.

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    For the TV shows at least, try getting info on all of a particular season, then change (under the 'options' tab) the media kind to 'TV Show' and then go into the 'Video' tab and make sure the 'Show' and 'Season Number' values are the same for all of the episodes. This should group them together, so that when you go to the 'TV Shows' source, you will get a grid of TV Shows which will then expand, like an album does, into a list when double-clicked.

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