How to overclock a PowerLogix CPU upgrade

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    Does anyone know the actual step-by-step process for overclocking a PowerLogix CPU upgrade?

    I've been searching online (and some on MR too) and can't seem to find any info about how to actually perform this procedure as in, 1) do this, 2) then do that, 3) then this last thing and it's done.

    Specifically, I have a Digital Audio G4 that has a PowerLogix PowerForce Dual 1.6 gHz 7447 CPU upgrade. I want to get just a little more speed out of the CPU if possible. Shown in the attachments below is:

    1) a diagram that I found online showing how the switch settings should be (reliable info?),

    2) a blurry photo of the top of my CPU upgrade, and

    3) another blurry photo of the bottom of my CPU upgrade.

    Just one thing though: Where are the switches??? I may have been looking right at them and didn't even know it. Do I need to take one of the chips off or something? Any help would be appreciated.

    Some upfront info:

    1) I don't want to spend any more money to upgrade to another computer right now. I actually just spent some money for other upgrades for this machine so I'm committed to keeping it for the short term until I replace it altogether (and I'll be posting the full details of all upgrades to this machine once this and one other thing are done).

    2) I'm aware of possible heat-related stability issues. The entire machine is very well ventilated and heat is not an issue, even with overclocking.

    3) I'm aware that the CPU is already factory-overclocked. I want to overclock it some more.

    4) I'm aware that if doing this requires removing one or both of the chips to access the switches, using an extractor tool will be necessary.

    I'd greatly appreciate any instructions/help/insight about this. Thanks in advance! :)

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    Galatians 3:13-14
    I think I may have found them... :)

    I think I may have found them. Check out the attachment. Are those it, inside the blue boxes that I drew (the orange things on top of the red chips)?

    Like I said, I could have been looking right at them, and apparently I was. I took those pics in the wee hours of morning, so I must have been tired to not notice them.

    However, I'd still appreciate any general insight or help anyone may have. Thanks again! :)

    EDIT: Any recommendations for a good thermal compound? Thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and remove the old and put on some new before changing switch settings. I found this one:

    But if anyone recommends one that may be better suited for the PL PF CPU specifically, I'd be grateful to know. :)

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