How to perform a full reset on iOS 5 for iPhone 4

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    Temptation took ahold of me. I installed h1siri the day it was made available. A stupid thing, I know.

    Anyway, now I've uninstalled it and followed a guide online that use mobile terminal to get rid of a few other things. I've restored the phone on itunes back to the original iOS 5.0.1 file. However, I am plagued by battery problems (doesn't charge above 70%) and the phone randomly turns every maybe a couple times a day.

    I have also performed a DFU restore and also restored to a brand new phone (not from backup). Problems are still occurring. Another thing to include is that when it turns off, I switch it back on and the date resets to 1st Jan 1970.

    Can you perform an absolute complete reset?

    Any help would be amazing. Thanks!
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    Try a dfu restore and setup as new. Don't restore from backup.
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    Well, thus far, I don't believe my issues can be regarded as a result of installing H1Siri. I believe it's a hardware issue, something to do with the battery.

    I've installed a new battery. The problem seems to go away for an evening, but soon returned. Now, what I think is the problem, is the battery terminal that is soldered to the logic board. I previously had to have this repaired and believe this to be the problem.

    Going to get it back to the repairers because they have a 60 day warranty, to see if they can fix it. If not, I'm going to turn my original black iPhone back from white to black to take it to the Apple store and see what they can recommend.
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    Did you read this?
    Don’t Do It! New Siri Port H1Siri Is Illegal, Breaks Your iPhone
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