How to point Pictures folder to storage HD

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    I recently installed a Samsung SSD into my late 2012 Mac Mini. Everything has been AWESOME with it, except that it doesnt have as much space as the stock HD that came with my Mac. So I now have two drives on my Mac. One SSD that is used as the boot drive and then the original drive which is now used as storage.

    What I would like to do is to have the pictures folder point to a corresponding folder on my storage drive. I've found a number of different links and all of them say that it is relatively simple with some command lines but I'm not 100% sure on what I am doing or what commands I need to run in order to achieve this.

    I've already copied my pictures folder to my storage HD but my original pictures folder remains on my SSD. I just want OSX to recognize and point to the folder on my storage HD vs the folder on the SSD.

    I've attached some screen shots of what I am seeing and outlined what I am talking about. Hopefully this isn't impossible to do or impossible to understand.

    Some of the links I have found so far...

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    Since you've already copied the pictures folder to your other drive you need to do a "right+click" on this folder and create an "alias"
    now move this Alias back to your SSD, make sure to delete the original Pictures Folder.
    From now on this alias link will point to your Pictures folder on the HDD.

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    I've already tried this. No luck. When I try to delete the original Pictures folder, it says "Pictures can't be modified or deleted because it's required by OS X"

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    How to point Pictures folder to storage HD

    I recently done this using symbolic links. The following how-to wasn't written by me but I can't remember where I found it so can't give credit to the original author.

    The following example shows you the steps to create a symlink for the ~/Downloads folder.

    First step is to make sure that the destination folder is in place. Start by copying the old Downloads folder from the previous system drive to the new location so it could be found at /Volumes/HDD-Name/Downloads (“HDD-Name” is the name of the hard drive).

    Next, remove the existing Downloads folder (make sure it is empty first). You can’t create a symlink file if another file in that directory has the same name so use “sudo” to override the normal protections because OS X wants to keep this folder in its usual location. You will be prompted for your password after you enter the following command…

    sudo rm -rf ~/Downloads/

    The next line creates the symlink with the “ln -s” command and sets the target location to “/Volumes/HDD-Name/Downloads/” and creates the link file at “~/Downloads” in the home folder. If you are following along on your own machine, you will need to replace “HDD-Name” with the name of your hard drive.

    ln -s /Volumes/HDD-Name/Downloads/ ~/Downloads
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    Why not restore the OS and create a fusion drive to combine both drives into one?

    its automatic with 10.9 and 10.10 with ssd+hdd combination.

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