how to pre-order 2 new iphones and start new AT&T family plan

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by cherylzyx, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    My husband and I are wanting to get 2 iPhone 4s and set up a new family plan with AT&T. We'll need to port our numbers from Sprint. I'm not sure about the best game plan for this. I definitely want to get them on June 24th so I imagine I need to pre-order them. I'd also like to spend the least amount of time in line as possible.

    pre-order online?
    pre-order in person?
    which store would be best; AT&T, Apple, Best Buy, Radio Shack?

    Is it possible to pre-order 2 phones and a family plan?

    My husband also get's a discount through his work, does that complicate things any?

    There is an Apple store close to me as well as Best Buy, Radio Shack and of course AT&T stores.

    I'm a total iPhone newb and need some advice please. Thank you!

    I posted this earlier but after review I think the subject line was confusing. I tried to edit the other post but could only edit the body, not the subject. Please forgive me for the double posting - I just want to clarify the subject line.​
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    If you are already an iTunes user, then I'd suggest pre-ordering direct from
    Otherwise, you can still order online, but save yourself some hassle and get iTunes installed and get your iTunes account + Apple ID first so that activation is a snap. If wait to get iTunes until the phone arrives, it's a lot more to digest all in one go, so do the iTunes now and the iPhone when it arrives. :)

    If you want to go to a store in person, in my own experience (Michigan), Apple Stores have the best stock on launch, but you have to stand in long lines. You can try the AT&T store and Best Buy, but expect lines to be long there as well, or the phones to be sold out and you may end up placing an order with them anyway -- in which case, you may as well order direct from Apple. Just my opinion. :)

    As for whether your husband's work "discount" complicates things, it depends -- if he is the account holder and he receives a direct billing and work merely reimburses, then he SHOULD be able to do the purchase. However, if his work receives the bill and pays it directly, most likely the phone must be purchased through a business account representative so that the work negotiated terms and conditions can be observed. Really the special handling is about the PLAN, because most likely there will be no DISCOUNT on the phone -- the iPhone almost always is non-discountable, regardless of broader agreements between companies and cell providers w.r.t. other equipment (non iPhone).

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