How To Prep. My 12" rMB for Kid?

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    I purchased the 12" rMB and am now passing it along to my kid (after buying an iPad Pro). So basically I want to wipe the 12" rMB and bring in her data from a 6 year old 13" Macbook.

    1. What is the best way to clean off my 12" rMB?

    2. What is the best way to transfer her User Account from the 13" Macbook to the 12" rMB?

    Also, will my kid be able to update the OS X not being the original owner?

    Can I transfer the AppleCare to my kid?
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    1. command-r boot to recovery and from there start Disk Utility and select your disk in the left column. Then go to the erase tab and format the disk to Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then quit Disk Utility and click reinstall OS at the top. When that is done and it restarts is will run a setup wizard where you chose language etc. Do not run that... just hold down the power button to turn it off at that point.

    2. Get a external USB drive and use that to make a Time Machine backup on the old machine. Then start the 12" and when that setup process runs it will ask if you want to import from another Mac. Say yes and choose the Time Machine disk as the source to migrate data from (you will need an adaptor or USB-c drive). Once that is done the user account and everything from the old machine will be on the new machine.

    There will be no problem doing OS updates, but an App Store apps you may have purchased will be under your AppleID and not available to her.

    Applecare is attached to the serial number and not you... so you are good there.

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