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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by dr. ross, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Aug 22, 2013
    I'm hoping that a lot of you are familiar with radio production/terminology cause I could use some help; thanks in advance.

    A while back I was producing an hour long radio program, utilizing late 90's/early00's technology i.e., using three dual deck CD players connected to a Fostex 16 track digital recorder which was used solely as a mixer. The music, in addition to the stingers, I.D.'s, sounders and beds were on CD's; for speaking, I used a Shure SM7B condensor through a pre-amp into the mixer with phantom power so, essentially it was old fashioned tape cartridge technology slightly updated...the whole thing was recorded on a Philips CD burner, in real time.

    Which brings us to today. Having an opportunity to do another show, I know there has to be an easier way; I figured through the Macbook Air. Presuming the storage capabilities would be more than adequate, would it be possible to crossfade two or more sound samples/songs. etc.? What sort of drive would be needed to transfer music/sound from CD's? Would the Shure be easily adaptable and would a mixer be necessary or even helpful?

    Looking forward to hearing from you, and, thanks again.
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    You could do all of the editing, crossfading and mixing in an app such as Garageband or Logic.

    You'll need an external USB DVD burner to read your CDs. Apple sells one but any (cheaper) model should work OK. I'm thinking Garageband should be able to import from the CDs but you might want to get an external drive also to 1) transfer once and for all all the stuff on those CDs, and 2) put your projects on it so that they don't use up your limited hard drive space on the MBA.

    For good audio quality you should get a USB sound input/output device. You should be able to use the preamp/mixer/mic in whatever combo necessary before input to the USB device.
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    thank you

    Thanks very much for your help

    dr. ross

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