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    I have only recently started developing iPhone apps and my first "serious" product (the first one I made was more of a learning exercise and a test of what putting a commercial app on iTunes entailed than anything else) has just gone on sale.

    I would like to ask for advice on how to best promote the app, so that as many people as possible know it's out there.
    What I've done so far is filming a series of short video commercials and put them on Youtube, created an official site (I used Blogspot because I wanted it to be ready as quickly as possible) and sent a press release and review requests to a number of websites (listed below).

    Is there anything major I have missed? Should I also open profiles on Facebook/Myspace for it?

    Any help is going to be greatly appreciated.

    Websites I submitted my app to so far:
    Engadget, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Ars Technica, TUAW, appshouter, dailyappshow, 148apps, apptism, appstoreapps, theiphoneappreview, iphoneappreviewer, mobilecrunch, appsmile, slapapp, iphoneapplicationlist, appcraver, iphoneappreviews, macworld, iphonefootprint, iphoneapplicationlist
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    Just a few ideas right off the top of my head:
    • Put some promo codes on the 'Promo Code' forums
    • Create a Twitter account for your company
    • Use
    • Create a Facebook fan page and spread the word through your Facebook friends
    • You could use advertising outlets that target your intended audience
    • Use social sharing/integration in your app

    Just in-case you're wondering, the single best way to get publicity for your app is by press coverage. There's also tons of really good resources available on the internet only a Google search away that are basically exactly what you're asking for. Stanford has a few free lectures out on iTunes U that you might want to look up, too.
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    Press Coverage is by and far the best way to promote an individual app.

    I embed Facebook like buttons in all my apps and pages and ads for my apps. I don't think having people like my apps will generate many sales from their friends, but I'm hopeful that it'll allow me to easily turn them into repeat customers.

    Also, my avatar + signature work well for advertising my Mac app, but I think at this point I may have saturated the market as sales for it are finally dipping... I guess it's about time I release something new (and maybe tap into those repeat customers I mentioned.)

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