How to properly setup Gmail on iPhone and through Mac's Mail app?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GizmoDVD, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I've been having this problem for some time now where my iPhone Gmail and MacBooks Gmail don't sync up. I typically have to go to to properly find Deleted/Sent messages. I want all 3 (iPhone, Mac, online Gmail) to all be 100% synced so if I deleted something from one, I can still find it on the other two. Right now if I delete something on my iPhone it's gone forever. I have to FWD stuff to another email if it's important enough or if I want to print it.

    Any help?
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    change from POP to IMAP in settings of gmail

    you have to change the rules on the gmail account website (I believe you have it in POP instead of IMAP)... go to options and pick exactly the way you want it and make sure you have IMAP turn on too.. Then decide if you want push the email to the phone (using exchange) or fetch (selecting gmail) on the mail app when setting a new mail and it depends also how you have it setup in the mail app for your mac (you will have to change it to IMAP)... do they all have the same msjs, each one has just a part?

    here is how you would set it up for the web and mail in mac:

    let me know after you done this if what you want is fetch or push on the phone so I can tell you the next step to configure the phone...

    Take it slow and join first before anything else all the emails from the mac and phone to the web gmail and then do all of what I have told you!
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