How to put an image over a clip?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by iSamurai, Apr 17, 2008.

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    I'd like to know how you would put an image (png - so parts of it is transparent) over a video?

    I'm making a clip, involving a scene similar to a news broadcast. So the video shows a person talking and I would like it to have lower-thirds and texts/images over the clip.

    I am guessing that this will be something similar to Photoshop's layers... and is it possible to make transition effects for the lower-third, or simple ones like fade in/out?

    I have iMovie, After Effects and Final Cut Express (but I dunno how to use any of them, lol). I don't think iMovie can do layering; and my after effects is old (6.5) - but I could get CS3 though.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.
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    In FCE, lay the video clip on track V1. The image goes on track V2, but you have to use an image format that support a transparent background (alpha channel) such as TIFF, PNG or PSD. My presonal preference is for uncompressed TIFF.


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