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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Razeus, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Razeus macrumors 603

    Jul 11, 2008
    How can I put pics I take on my iP4 in folders. The camera dumps all my pics into one giant "folder", but sometimes I take pictures from different parts of the day and it would MUCH easier to have some organization. For example, I'm going away this weekend to Austin and want to take pics from what we do at breakfast to noon, then another in the afternoon when we are sight seeing, then another during dinner & dusk, then another one for nightlife (honestly for nightlife, I'll break out my P&S, but still). I know I can download them to my computer, organize them in my photo app, then re-sync them to my phone, but I'll be running around on the fly. Can I do this natively on iP4? Is there an app for that?
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    Mar 12, 2009
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    I don't think there is a way to do this directly on the iPhone (this always bugged me a little).

    If you have a Mac you can do what I do:
    1. import your photos into iPhoto
    2. create iPhoto folders for them
    3. have iTunes sync them back to the iPhone in the appropriate folders.

    I'm sure there's a way to do something similar in Windows, but when all I had was a PC running XP I never found a workable option that was nearly as convenient.
  3. a.jfred macrumors 6502

    May 28, 2010
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    I don't use iPhoto, but I do something similar. I create separate folders in the "Photos" tab, and then tell iTunes to sync those specific folders.
  4. Razeus thread starter macrumors 603

    Jul 11, 2008
    Yes, I do this now for things I already have pictures of.

    But what I'm talking about is doing it on the fly, WITHOUT a computer/iPhoto.
  5. SpaceKitty macrumors 68040


    Nov 9, 2008
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    You can't. You need a computer.

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