How to put your broken iOS 6.x blobs to some use

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    Note - This is tethered jailbreak/Boot

    by this way you could tethered boot your idevice
    I have tried this with my iphone 3Gs with new boot-rom (baseband 05.13.04) which was on iOS 4.1 and updated it to 6.1.2.
    And im not sure it will work on any idevice so please try this if you like, i cant guarantee this would work to any idevice :rolleyes:

    You'll need these to get this done
    1. Your broken 6.1.2 or 6.x blob(i have only tried this with 6.1.2)
    2. A good working blob of your any iOS version
    3. Note pad++ (its easy to edit using this)
    4. redsn0w 0.9.15b3
    5. sn0wbreeze v2.9.14
    6. ultrasnow 1.2.8 (in case you need to activate)
    7. ireb r7

    Now as i have seen in most of these blobs, the apticket is messed up. so i just removed the messed up apticket part from the blob and replaced it with a fresh one from my working blobs (i used my 4.1 apticket)

    to do this, open your working blob using notepad++ (it's easy)..
    there will be a part in your blob shown as in "Step 1.png" in the attachments
    there will be a chunk of data under there after the "<data>" line copy all that data up to </data> and paste that data in your broken 6.x blob under <data>
    of <key>APTicket</key> (make sure u delete all that apticket data from your broken blob.)

    Now you have a partially working 6.x blob which would work to create a custom firmware.

    Now open Sn0wBreeze and click on "browse for an IPSW" and provide it with the stock ipsw which you are going to use to create a custom ipsw. (if you have 3Gs. use i detector to check whats your bootrom..

    After your ipsw is verified click "next" and select ifaith mode out of them.. there you will ask to provide a shsh blob to stitched. now you have to provide the shsh blob which you modified using notepad++

    if it says your apticket looks valid, you are halfway through.. :)

    And the menu that comes later.. select general, click next and select "Activate the iphone" and click next and you will go to the "custom apps menu" and from here provide the ultrasn0w 1.2.8 fix files which i have provided in the attachments.

    After it done select Build IPSW and click next and it will create a Custom IPSW.

    After it is created. Use "ireb r7" to put your idevice in DFU mode and shift restore your idevice. when this is done your phone will go in to a "soft DFU mode".

    Now again use ireb to put your idevice in DFU mode.. and now launch
    redsn0w 0.9.15b3 (make sure to launch it as admin).. Go to the "Extras" menu and Click "Select IPSW" and provide it with the stock ipsw u used to create the custom IPSW..

    And then go to "Even More" Click Restore. There again provide with your stock IPSW and redsn0w will ask to prevent a baseband update if its a iphone click "yes" and it will fetch a blob from a cydia sever if not provide it with a local blob which you edited in the first place. and let it create the IPSW and restore after a while it will fail saying "device error" or something. but by that time a evasi0n exploit should be running on your idevice.. if it does give it sometime and it will boot with ur new OS... :)

    and as i said before
    Im not sure it will work on any idevice so please try this if you like, i cant guarantee this would work to any idevice

    But you are free to try :rolleyes:

    Post a reply if this helped you :)
    and im sorry i couldn't make this short.. i actually don't know how to make this short :p

    This is the first time im sharing something on MacRoumors so, lemme know if i had done anything against the forum rules :)

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    it worked! o

    I Love you! thanks a lot!
    I tried it on iOS 6.1

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