How to Quickly Delete Numbers in the Calculator App

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    There are a lot of hidden little tricks and tips for all of the native apps on the iPhone, including the Calculator app. If you're typing in numbers and make an accidental mistake, you don't need to start all the way over -- there's a simple gesture to delete a single number.

    To make the correction, simply swipe left or right on the numbers displayed at the top of the calculator to remove a single number at a time.

    You can do a few other things with the Calculator app. To copy a sum that you've calculated, simply press a finger over the number displayed on the calculator until the "Copy" option pops up. And in case you've never turned your iPhone to landscape mode while using the Calculator app, give it a try. You'll see a lot more functions to work with.

    Article Link: How to Quickly Delete Numbers in the Calculator App
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    On my iPod Touch (6th gen), I always been using the Calculator app in the landscape position. Get to see more of the digits. Plus there are more functions that I've used.
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    Apple’s Calculator app isn’t even that good. PCalc destroys it, and also has a delete key for those digits you typed by mistake, rather than obscure swiping motions that even I fully admit had no idea existed.
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    No snarky comments on how iPads still do not have a native calculator app?!
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    God yes. Why on earth Apple think iPad users wouldn't need one is beyond most of us.
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    Oh, this works on iOS 10 calculator as well! Neat!

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