How to Re-Install Windows on Boot Camp


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Jun 15, 2007
Searched forums but couldn't find anything. I have a MBP with a 25GB Windows XP partition on it (well used to have one). I was having utility issues and decided to reinstall. I didn't go back to the OS X side and use boot camp rather I just popped in the CD and formatted/installed. When the computer was done copying files it restarted and I got an error when trying to start windows saying it was missing a "hal.dll" file. I don't remember if it was .dll but the file was called "hal."

I thought my WinXP cd was messed up so I downloaded another version and got the same problem.

How would you go about reinstalling Windows? Do I need to go over to OS X and do something there in disk utility?



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May 12, 2007
Apparently this happens sometimes in multi-boot systems. You can google "missing hal.dll" to find some tips, but to get you started, I'll point you here and here. Good luck.
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