How to re-jailbreak my iphone on 4.1

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by badtzwang, May 3, 2011.

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    Hi all,

    My iPhone is currently jailbroken on Limerain and on 4.1 ... I want to restore my iPhone back to 4.1 and rejailbreak with Limera1n because there have been some slight issues ... but iTunes seems to want to put me on 4.3.2.

    Anyone know of a way for me to restore my iPhone back to 4.1? I don't want to go to 4.3.2, only because I've heard many people having issues with it.
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    Have you backed up your shsh blobs in cydia or using tinyumbrella?
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    first you have to have your SHSH blobs backed up, like the poster above was getting to. if you do,for the firmware you want to down grade to, then you have to download the 4.1 firmware from a trusted site, like or

    (if you dont already have tinyunbrella on your computer, download the program and plug your phone in, then click save SHSH. this will show you all of the saved shsh's that cydia has on file)

    then you have to go to itunes and when you click restore you have to hold the control or shift button down (dont remember which off the top of my head). it should give you a window asking you to point itunes to the firmware version you want to install. make sure that itunes is pointed to cydia or tinyunbrelly ahead of time. (so that itunes checks with them instead of apple during the restore process)

    you should get an error message (1015 or something like that) when it is finished. then you have to open tinyunbrella or recboot,or another similar program to kick your device out of recovery. now you are on stock 4.1 firmware. next you will have to jailbreak with the correct jailbreak program.

    There are many youtube videos out there showing how to do this step by step. just search for "how to down grade iphone firmware" and you should see lots of videos.

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