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    I live in East Texas and have Comcast for my internet provider. I receive 25 to 12Mbps thru out the house. I have an Apple iPhone 4s with 16GB, I have 2GB free. We are retired and have and old legacy plan with a senior discount. It gives us 2GB of usesage. I keep my cellular data turned off. This way I do not run over my date for the month.

    Here is the problem that I have, I keep my phone on most of the time listening to Pandora. But when I eat breakfast I like to watch Fox News Clips. This way I don't have to watch commercials or segments that don't interest me. We only have the very basic channel selections that do not include Fox News. When a clip plays it will stop, I guess to catch-up with the slow download stream. Pandora works pretty well. Is the problem Comcast or the Fox News APP?
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