How to recover a formatted drive

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    While trying to back my portable hard drive to my external drive a little problem occurred, i did it the other way round. Instead of all my data going from the full portable drive i miss clicked and my empty external which is empty got copied to my portable.

    I am using SuperDuper to do these backups and it is so easy to make a mistake, i guess its my own fault for not paying to much attention. While i know that the data is not erased on my portable since the back up from the empty drive to the full to only 45 secs. I have tired to use a few apps to recover the data but the hard drive is not showing up in the app, it dose show up in the finder. I have tried "Data Recovery" and "Data Rescue 3 External Drive Recovery", both would not detect the hard drive.

    All is not lost, i have an offsite backup that is a few weeks old but i really would like to recover from the portable drive.

    My portable drive is a 2TB Wester Digital and my external is a Promise Drive.

    Sorry for my poor english and Thanks.

    Edited: It seems i have found the problem, in the latest OSX apps can not access your hard drives without your password.

    Here is the quote from Disk Drill "Important: you might not find any of your disks visible in Disk Drill Media Recovery if you are running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion);
    that's due to the internal change introduced in a new OS which prevents applications on the App Store from accessing your disks."

    I have downloaded the new software from their website and now i am recovering my hard drive.
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    Thanks for the info! I didn't know that about app store.

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