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    Hi All,

    I am trying to recover an iWeb site that is presently made out of a mac that has "problems" (probably the hard disk is dying).

    When files are copied from the /library/application support/iweb/domain.sites2 there is an i/o error with the following files :

    My question is, what do these files contain and any ideas on next steps.

    A backup is available, but is a little old, so rather try to start by fixing, etc. the above.

    Any suggestions ?
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    Those files are catalogs of a sort, they tell the computer where on the drive (within the domain file package) the original media resides for all of the various elements of the site. You could potentially work with the backups and modify them to reflect the current design, but I'd certainly not count on it. Just a quick glance in mine, and I don't have much in iWeb, reveals 4903 lines of the following:

    Obviously not repeated, but entries like that.

    I'd say go back to the backup and use iWeb to bring it back up to the last design.

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    I saw that to in a second mac, awful reading...

    seems that there is no means to recover a iWeb site from mobileme, and if your timemachine backups fail (due to hard disk issues) then you may be in for trouble.

    This is what I did in the end;

    1. looked for the most recent reliable timemachine backup of the web site

    2. connected to mobile me and under disk/site looked at each page. Here the date of last update is indicated

    3. identified the pages that are more recent then the backup I found (I was luck only 1 page)

    4. rebuilt the page from scratch in iweb

    5. updated mobile me from iweb

    1. placed the domains.sites2 file in idisk so that this way I should have 2 copied of it at all times)

    2. to start iweb with the domains.site2 located in idisk all you need to do is browse to that file in finder and double click it (as per apple KB)

    3. also made sure timemachine works now

    hope the above helps

    It also seems abonimable for apple not to archive essential iweb files with the website, paticularly as these files are very small (less than 2MB altogether).

    A miserable oversight of apple I think

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