How to reliably network Win7+Lion?

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    What do people do to reliably network their Windows and Lion computers? By reliably I mean always having the Networked computer show up and being able to use network folder shortcuts/aliases without it timing out and crashing the program trying to access the networked directory.

    At work the network works really well, all the Windows PC's share as if they were local directories. If I connect my macbook the network sees it and my macbook sees all the connected Windows computers. Ive never had a problem.

    At home its a crapshoot, sometimes the PC shows up in Finder but most of the times I have to manually connect and type in my Windows username and password, Windows almost never sees the macbook and I cant connect to it even when typing it in manually. Then if I create a shortcut to a networked folder it only works for a day or so. So are there any advanced settings to use to get a reliable network besides just turning on SMB?

    And is it normal for OSX to never remember the network password in the keychain? That has NEVER worked for me and its really annoying. When I turn password protection off on Windows then I cant even access the share, it always says invalid username/password on the Mac so I have to leave it on.
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    that doesnt seem to have to do with my post, maybe you replied in the wrong thread

    So does anyone know why I have to manually connect to the PC all the time instead of it just automatically showing up as a networked device?

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