iPhone How to remove extra background packages for each app?

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    Every time you install a package from Cydia, there is the main app (like OpenBackup), but when you install it there are like 7 other supporting packages that install.

    When I uninstall OpenBackup, it doesn't remove all those extra packages. Is there an app to clean up stuff like this?
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    iCleaner can do this. If you aren't familiar with it then proceed cautiously. There's a toggle you can turn on and it'll remove unused Cydia dependencies. If you want you can turn everything else off if you want. It's up to you. There's a really detailed readme file in the app which explains everything really well. But be careful with this app. It can mess things up if you remove the wrong stuff.

    Theres also a test mode. you can run that mode first just to make sure everything is working. If it is, go back in the app and delete the backup. You may have to run it again in regular mode. I can't remember.

    You can also remove unused dependencies with mobile terminal no believe its an apt-get command. You'll have to google for details on that.

    Edit: In the future if you think you're gonna remove a package that includes several support packages, you could take a snap shot of the entire list before you install. Then when you're ready to remove the main package, just refer to the screenshot to see what support packages also need to be removed as well.

    Edit again: I just realized something. If you instal iCleaner, it'll install a bunch of other packages I believe. So if you don't plan on keeping iCleaner, take a screenshot of everything being installed so you can go back and remove everything.

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