How to remove iPhone app backups that are no longer used

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by billchase2, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Feb 28, 2006
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    Is there an automated way to delete apps that iTunes backed up that are no longer used? I'm an avid app-tester with hundreds of apps that have been backed up via iTunes throughout the years. I know I could go through the apps manually on my computer and delete the ones I no longer need, but that would be very time consuming. I'm looking for a way to delete all app backups of apps that are no longer on my iPhone.

  2. scottieprior macrumors newbie

    Feb 13, 2012
    For deleting the backups application that are no longer useful for you you have to follow the steps given here. First You you can delete the backup in iTunes itself. By Edit -> Preferences "->" Device "tab -> Backup. After reaching the Backup button you can click on it to remove or delete the backup files.

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