How to remove NVIDIA leftovers from my iMac Pro?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by rjtiedeman, Jul 20, 2019.

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    Last year I updated to a new iMac Pro from a cMP which had a Nvidia GPU. How do you get rid of the old drivers that are hidden in the Mac OS 10.14.5? See disabled list from system report.
    Disabled Software.png
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    If you can make them show up in Find File, right-click and send to Trash. You will probable have to reboot to empty the trash since they will be system files. Find File can be a real PIA with hidden files, though.

    If you know the directory, go there, then hit Command Shift . to reveal hidden files. Hit those keys to hide them again when done.

    If you have problems, there are a number of shareware Find utilities that work well. I use Find Any — good as anything, I suppose.

    Again, once found, right-click and send to Trash. If it won't empty, reboot.
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    My suggestion:
    PRINT IT OUT, and I promise good results.

    First, do this:
    1. Open the system report that you put up in post 1
    2. Assuming that what is seen here "is text" and can be copied to the clipboard, drag the pointer across all of them to select them, then copy.
    3. Open a new, blank, textedit text file and past this text in.
    4. You now have a way to copy the names/locations involved.

    Next, do this:
    Download the free app "EasyFind" from here:

    Open EasyFind.
    On the left, put marks into
    Search for -- files and folders
    Operator -- phrase
    Comparison -- ignore case
    Include -- invisible files and folders

    Make sure you have your boot drive selected as the volume on which the search will take place.

    OK, EasyFind is ready to go.

    Now, copy the name of the first item in your list above and paste into EasyFind's search box.
    For example, for the first item, you'd want to copy:
    com.nvidia.CUDA (don't bother with the cryptic numbers in front)

    Then click the magnifying glass on the right.
    Give EasyFind a little time.
    Does it find the file?
    If it does, proceed to below.

    How to get rid of it:
    Two ways, easy way first:
    Just click the delete button in EasyFind's "top bar".
    That MAY get rid of it, or it may not (depending on where the file is).
    If that won't work....

    Second way:
    Right-click or Control-click on the filename.
    From the popup menu, choose "Reveal in Finder"
    A finder window will open and you can see the file.
    Try to "manually delete" it by dragging to the trash or typing command-delete.
    IMPORTANT: you MAY get a "password request".
    This is expected for files that are located in places that the OS protects from accidental deletions.
    Enter your password, and the file should move to the trash.

    Repeat for any other files that "won't go easily".

    Even though you move files into the trash, they will still appear in EasyFind's list, because it "looks in" the trash, as well.
    You need to move ALL the files to the trash, then empty the trash.
    Then EasyFind can't "find them" any more!
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    Both Easy finder and find file beta failed to find anything. They must be hidden deep in the system. But good idea. Or they may not actually be there.

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