How to remove "other space" in iPhone 5s

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    May 23, 2013
    Hi, Everyone

    I'm facing a problem it is that my iphone has space named other it's taking 5.67 GB and I don't know from where it comes, Is there anyway i can get rid of it without restore or format my iphone?

  2. siurpeeman, May 18, 2014
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    when you go into settings and then "general" and then "usage" there's a list of your apps and the space it takes. tap on an app, and you can see the actual size of the app. for instance, i have pocket casts installed and i can see it takes up 600 megabytes of space, and when i tap on it, it tells me the app size is less than 20 megs. that tells me i have 500+ megabytes (podcasts) that get counted into the "other" category. from various phones i've seen, a common culprit is messages app (mms/pictures/video).

    judging by the size of your photos, i would guess it's photo-related. maybe a combination of pictures stored in the messages app along with the size of your photo stream.
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    May 18, 2014
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    Apps are accounted for by the green bar called "Apps". Photos are accounted for by the orange bar called "Photos".

    It just sucks that iOS sometimes randomly takes up a lot of space that is unaccounted for and can't be cleaned up. I have 3.2GB "Other" space on my 16GB iPhone. No idea how to clean it up. :mad: .

    Apple should fix this. 5.67GB "Other" is just crazy. Especially since iPhones with more storage are ridiculously expensive (and they're already crazy expensive as it is).
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    May 18, 2014
    Terribly sorry for replying kind of late. I've been studying for finals
    But yes the app is for real and it works for me.
    Instagram and Facebook load up about 500 mb of data in the cache and I used to have to delete them and redownload them to clear it but now I let the app do that for me.
    I had the issue iyahya had as well with the "other" taking up space on my phone and after some tries with the battery doctor app it freed up my space


    That's a gripe I have about iOS. Android lets you clear app caches with a simple click in the storage page of the settings app but iOS doesn't allow us to do this.

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