How to require Mail to ask for password after I close the app?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RDL, Dec 9, 2010.

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    I just set up the Mail app but dislike that even after I quit the app if I click it again to reopen it it doesn't require me to re-enter my password. This means even if I close/quit it and walk away from my laptop anyone who uses it can just click Mail and they have complete access to my Gmail account.

    I went into preferences but could not find where or how to require it to ask for my password after it's been closed. If there isn't an option then I will go back to copying an address when on a website then opening gmail and pasting it and emailing. Obviously using the Mail app would be more convenient for those types of emails but if it means my account is always open and available for anyone to read then I will go back to the longer method.

    Appreciate any info. Thanks!
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    You can't.

    The best alternative solution is to set your mac to ask for a password when returning from screen saver or sleep, then make a hot corner for the screensaver.

    Thus, if you need to leave the computer, move the cursor to the hot corner and the screen saver will enable, requiring a password to unlock it again.
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    Or delete the password for your account in the Mail -> Preferences -> Accounts pane.
  4. RDL, Dec 9, 2010
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    Thank you for the feedback. I find it strange such a basic feature for added privacy isn't offered in preferences but oh well.

    I just won't use Mail and do it the way I've been doing it for years. Thanks for the alternative but I don't completely understand what u mean but seems I would then have to enter a password anytime I leave my comp long enough that it sleeps or screen saver appears and I just want to enter password when I open Mail not every time I walk away from comp for x amount of time.

    But "hot corners" sounds useful so need to google and find out what those are, they might come in handy for something else. Thanks again!

    I actually tried that before posting this thread but it doesn't really work because all anyone has to do when it pops up to enter password is to click cancel and then they can still read and see everything in the email account. Wish that would have worked but no luck. Thanks anyway though.
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    /Applications/Utilities/Keychain -> Preferences -> Check "Show Status in Menu Bar".

    Now there's a little lock in your toolbar that you can use to lock your screen/keychain in a jiffy.

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    What I do is I created a separate keychain (using Keychain Access) just for email and gave it a timeout. This way it requires a password before it checks for new emails on the server. It won't protect against viewing what's already in Mail though. Locking the computer as mentioned is the better way to protect for that, which is also what I do.

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