Carrier How to reserve a T-Mobile iPhone 7 for iPhone Upgrade Program?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by justinf77, Sep 12, 2016.

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    I have T-Mobile and want to buy a phone using the iPhone Upgrade Program, but it says this can be done in stores only. I remember last year there was a page where you could select your phone and carrier and then make a reservation to pick one up at the Apple Store if there was availability. But this year, that page seems to only come up if you're ALREADY in the IUP.

    How is a T-Mobile customer supposed to sign up for the iPhone Upgrade Program? Do we just have to walk into stores and hope there's availability?
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    Starting on the 17th you can attempt to make a reservation for in store pickup. My wife is in the same boat as you.
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    Yes. Unfortunately we have to walk in and get the phone.

    Apparently it's T-Mobiles fault why we have to do this. They're very competitive with the pricing of phones and such to draw more users into their Jump! program.

    As a result, that's why we ONLY have the option to buy full price online. That or go into the store for the IUP.

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