How to reset an iPad and sync 2 iPads on the same computer/itunes?

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    Hi, I currently have an ipad 3 and an ipad 4 in sync with my itunes account on 1 PC. I started using my ipad 4 two weeks ago so the ipad 3 is now just some kind of old backup of my ipad 4.

    Now the thing is I would like to give the ipad 3 to my boyfriend. That would be his first idevice so he'll need to create an itunes account. I also would like to do a reset of the device so he'll be able to connect his own emails, facebook, imessage, whatever accounts to this ipad. I would like all my personal datas not to be stored in this ipad anymore.

    - How to proceed?

    Secondly, we'll then have 2 different ipads with different datas, apps connected and syncing to the very same PC.

    - Won't it mess up my files, delete my apps and create sync problems? How to manage 2 devices on one PC/itunes?
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    To wipe the iPad and start new, just go to Settings/General/Reset/Erase all Content and Settings.

    During the setup of the iPad, your BF can setup a new iCloud account for himself.

    You can just plug it in to iTunes on the PC and sync with no problems having two iPads. iTunes will recognize it is a different iPad.
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