how to resize a 2nd partition in 1TB Buffalo drive

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Appletise, Jun 18, 2015.

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    really having problems with adjusting size of exFAT partition called 'FAMILY' in my 1TB Buffalo drive. There are 2 partitions, the first partition is Mac Os Extended Journaled Encrypted, I believe (it does 'only' show 'Mac Os Extended (Journaled)' but it does require a pw to access when connected to my mbpr). It is called 'JEDI'. Its size was ~ 1TB, when I added the exFAT 2nd partition by clicking “+” on the bottom left of the 'JEDI' rectangle, the 2nd partition takes up 499.93GB. I would like to have the exFAT sized 820GB, is there anyway of doing this?

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    So you want to end up with a 180GB Mac OS Extended partition up top and a 820GB ExFAT on the bottom??

    You will be limited in what you can do manipulating the Untitled/Jedi volume since it is a logical volume from FileVault encryption being turned on.

    First move your data off the drive because we are going to nuke the whole thing.

    Then go to Terminal and enter the command below to remove the encrypted logical volume.

    diskutil cs delete Untitled
    Now you should be able to see the drive brand name at the top in Disk Util like Seagate ST84567 1TB or whatever. Click on that then in the erase tab format the entire drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Do not select encrypted.

    So now you should have one Mac OS Extended volume on there. Grab the /// grabber at the bottom right of that volume and slide it up to get the 180GB you want and apply that change.

    Now click the plus and add your 820GB ExFAT volume to the bottom.

    Then if you want to encrypt the Mac volume up top, just select the volume and in the File menu of Disk Util select encrypt and follow the prompts.

    That should do it.
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    Weaselboy, you're the best of the mac forums, so helpful and knowledgeable. despite erroneous things others in mac forums have said and even in apple authorized stores have said, that its not possible, etc, or do it like this .... you explained it most easily understandable for a very basic computer knowledgeable person. l finally got it done ! thanks!

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