How to resize bootcamp partition?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by KKKL, Mar 7, 2010.

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    I have 3 partitions on my mac, 2 HFS+ for mac os and 1 NTFS for Windows 7 running in bootcamp (see screenshot attached). Recently, I find that there is not much free spaces under mac os. So I decide to shrink the "BOOTCAMP" partition. Since I have 3 partitions, I can not use Bootcamp Utility to do so.

    Can I just simply delete the "BOOTCAMP" partition (no valuable data on that) with Disk Utility, expand the "Files" partition and create a new smaller "BOOTCAMP" partition? Is the new "BOOTCAMP" partition bootable and Windows-compatible? Please help me.

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    Here is the Guide

    However, I doubt the scenario you propose will work
    My advice would be to clear the drive and start from scratch :eek:
    I know that is more work, but you are less likely to lose data or become frustrated

    As always, whenever attempting anything regarding partitions, make sure you have a recent backup
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    I followed your link, the Paragon CampTune was no longer a freeware, and Winclone required me to restore the image to a larger partition. Finally, I just delete the BOOTCAMP partition in Disk Utility and create a smaller one. Everything goes well except I have to reinstall Windows 7 again.

    Thank you anyway.
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    I would use a Linux live CD like Ubuntu's and use gparted to delete the partition I no longer wanted. In this case that's your Windows one.

    Then I'd put in my Mac OS X install disc (after rebooting) and go to the disk utility to grow whatever HFS+ partition into the unused space.

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