How to restore/find information trashed with secure trash

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by free2australian, Aug 21, 2012.

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    Mar 24, 2012

    I have iMac (Lion)

    My Lightroom program became corrupted on exporting 1 photo to my desktop Instead of one photo being exported 50 by 11x14 photos were exported to my desktop.

    checking my Lightroom filmstrip found that all the photos were at the size of the photo sized to 11x14.

    I deleted these photos from the library (not from the disk). Shock horror when 2500 photos disappeared. The originals are stored in my picture folder which I re -imported these photos.

    I have since found out after taking my computer to the repair shop as I found that some my bookmarks and some other information were jumbled . First thoughts that my computer was corrupted.

    Today after receiving my computer back from the repair shop found that the all my edited photos that I had worked on etc. were no longer in my library - only the original ones that i had copied from the picture library.

    It suddenly came to me that when when Lightroom went crazy and I deleted the photos that they may be in the trash -

    Unfortunately the trash has been emptied through secure trash.

    Is there anyway to finding that information?

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    You can try data recovery software like DataRescue 3 or others (search on MacUpdate)
    But it is unlikely you will have much success as this point
    If it important, you might have better luck with a professional data recovery company

    Dawg's rule: data backup and storage is always cheaper than data recovery
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    free2australian macrumors newbie Join Date: Mar 2012 How to restore/find informati

    I do have everything backed up plus time machine .

    I just do not know how to recover.

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