How to restore iPhone 3g after brick

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    Hey there i'm new to this forum and somewhat new to the iPhone scene but I have some helpful advice that will help you if you messed up your iPhone 3g when trying to restore it. I bought mine from a friend, restored it and got an error and it was then unusable. Step by step instructions for what worked for me also.

    First I now know I was on a 6.15 baseband.

    What worked for me is first I had to download 3.1.3 from

    I then opened iTunes and put it into DFU mode (

    I held shift, and clicked restore. I loaded the 3.1.3 I previously downloaded.

    It gave a 1015 error, with the 1015 error STILL SHOWING UP IN ITUNES, I opened Tinyumbrella (

    Download it from the link called TinyUmbrella[WIN] If your on windows.

    Once opened TinyUmbrella, click your device on the left hand side which should be random numbers, and then click 'Exit Recovery'.

    Your phone should now restart and load 3.1.3. Once I was back up and running. If you want it jailbroken from here, go to

    If you want to load 4.1, follow this videos instructions, it worked perfectly and it jailbreaks it for you.
    Note: I had to plug my iPhone into a different port on my computer the 2nd tiem for it to work when upgrading to 4.1.

    If you get a 1604 error try reinstalling iTunes and restarting your computer. And sorry if this is a repost type thing but I spent almost 15 hours trying to fix my phone. I could only get to DFU mode and Recovery. If your stuck in a recovery loop, download iRep from here (

    Good luck!
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