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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hobo, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I have an iPhone that I use on an "existing" AT&T contract - this means no iPhone plan. It was activated using iNdependence on 1.0.x and I've upgraded step by step to 1.1.2. It's jailbroken and has some custom applications on it.

    Soon, I might be activating an iPhone plan. If not "soon" then when my contract is up in about six months, which will be about a month before my year warranty is up. What will I need to do to restore the iPhone to its factory settings to a) activate it and b) have a warranty again. I know currently if I had an issue I wouldn't be able to take it in for service since I don't have a valid iPhone plan, but let's say the screen cracked today and I wanted to sign up for an iPhone plan to be able to go to the Apple Store and try to get a replacement.

    What would I need to do?

    I know I'd need to put past firmware on it, by restoring via Option+click (I'm on a Mac but have Windows access if I'll need programs). That should remove the custom apps and jailbreak, but I've heard from places like this thread that some applications don't completely erase.

    The Revirginizer seems good for unlocked iPhones, but mine is not unlocked, only activated and jailbroken.

    What would I need to do to "start fresh"?
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    Head over to, your solutions are there. You'd think searching would be not too difficult and something a user since 2005 would know.
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    All you should have to do is restore the firmware, and then when you are done and have the iPhone plugged in, just leave it at the screen where it says "This is a new iPhone" (or something like that) or "Backup from xx/xx/xxxx"

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